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14.05.2019 - After IFFA Blog

IFFA 2019 is now history but no worries after IFFA is before IFFA and we already have ideas hoping to be realized until 2022. Now we have to thank all our customers who confirmed trusting in our supplies and services and who confirmed it with orders and inquiries. We came back from IFFA and right now we do our best to respond to all asap.

Look at the picture underneath, showing part of our team supporting Jürgen Hoppe and all looking small in front of the new SEPAmatic 6000. The background logo saying "food processing in perfection" wasn’t our choice but indeed is a true one.

Next photo shows our Mr Detlef Derichs in his new suit with bow tie at the Brussels Seafood Europe 2019 which had been held parallel to IFFA. Him and Tim did a great Job. For us being present in Frankfurt as well as in Brussels  at the same time was not easy but very important.

What else is new?

What else is new? A Lot.

Please follow our blog on a regular basis, within monthly periods we will update. At the moment we can say that for example new soft separation belts will come soon, with a next level of performance and endurance.

Soft tires and the performance of SEPAmatic sponsored Marc Moser (IDM 2019) pushed him on a standard buyable motorbike to the fastest ever lap in Hockenheim, 1:43,1min.

What is remaining as it was?

Luckily the cathedral of Köln


08.05.2019 - SEPAmatic 6000

We can proudly announce that one of the worlds leading top class Turkey meat producer HEIDEMARK Garrel Germany confirmed the first SEPAmatic 6000 order and we are as well proud that even our women are impressed with that new innovative machine.

Both will motivate us to get the final 2 IFFA days managed.

06.05.2019 - IFFA

The first two days of the fair are already behind us and you can already draw an interim conclusion. The visit is very good, thx to all customers. The new 6000 and all innovations are a success Concept also with small and medium sizes SEPAmatic is certified by dealership and customers.

We look forward to your visit in the next 4 days!

Jürgen Hoppe and team