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SEPAmatic 100

It's unfortunate, but a fact, that during the process of producing fresh sausage with natural casings the result can be negatively affected by large quantities of waste product due to unsalable broken goods.

With the installation of the SEPAmatic 100 (also known as the MINI) on each filling the harvesting of legally reusable raw sausage meat is made easy due to its batch clean separation from the casing.

The SEPAmini might be small but has in it's DNA simple and robust technology gained via 50 years experience with its competition beating bigger brothers in the SEPAmatic stable.

  • Features taken from the high performance machines include the availability of a variety of squeezing belt thicknesses, adjustable pressure settings, auto belt tensioning and advanced rocker technology plus oversized roller bearings located outside the product area.

  • A point of interest is that the perforated drum does not need to be removed from the machine during hygienic cleaning.

  • Furthermore, at 240 mm this comparatively large working diameter of the perforated drum allows larger product dimensions to be processed.

Not only fresh sausage but, all in all possible uses for the SEPAmini can be found wherever there's a need for the continuous separation of hard from soft at low pressures such as in liver or fruit processing.

Technical data

max. 500 kg/h
Depending on the 
perforated drum and product

Drive power 
0.75 KW

Depth: approx. 1.200 mm
Width: approx. 800 mm
Depth: approx. 600 mm

approx. 270 kg