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SEPAmatic 1800

Careful product extraction or processing through the exact separation of hard and soft parts has proven to be indispensable in a number of areas in the foodstuff industry. This exploits the behaviour of the respective product due to differences in structure, strength and consistency.

The material being processed is hereby drawn in between a highly- elastic crushing belt and a perforated stainless steel drum and undergoes an increasing, short compression-separation process. Harder, coarser or tougher coherent solid parts stick to he outer surface of the drum and the softer parts are pressed through the perforations into the drum. This enables the most careful separation of fish from skin and bones, meat from bone splinters, gristle, skin or sinews in a continuous process.

A number of inquires for higher machine outputs paired with the maximum possible easy of operation with minimum cleaning have led to the development of the SEPAmatiic IDS presented here. An ingeniously simple
control system with no electronic or electro-hydraulic components allows exactly reproducible machine settings. Users everywhere appreciate the increased operational stability and omission of the otherwise permanent power supply which was necessary. Apart from optimum hygiene and cleaning-friendly details, special attention has also been paid to its absolute robustness.

The design of all driving elements with multiple safety features was only the first stage. Clever technologies allow accessibility in seconds. Electrical elements such as contactors, time relays or switches can be easily replaced by common products from nearly every manufacturer. Special electronic assemblies can be bridged
by switches to keep the machine in operation, though with a somewhat reduced operating comfort. Highly wear resistant PU crushing belts for heavy-duty use can be fined just as easily as soft-separating, lower-priced neoprene crushing belts. Once the machine settings have been optimised, these need no further adjustment, even if the tools display different degrees of wear (perforated drum and crushing

Contrary to eccentric based pressure systems, the SEPAmatic technology will permanently preserve all settings values that the user has once tested and established as optimal, irrespective of degree of wear or the size alterations of the equipment, like the squeezing belt or the perforated drum. The enormously huge SEPAmatic settings range permits the use of squeezing belts of various sizes or perforated drums of different degrees of wear without needing to lengthily alter the mechanics of the machine.

An optional cooling device is available so as to reduce to a minimum the inevitable temperature rise of the product during the separation process as a result of pressure and compression.

Technical data

up to 5.000 kg/h
depending on raw material and perforated drum 

Power consumption
7.5 KW optional 9 KW

Air pressure
6 bar

Length: approx. 1.500 mm
Depth: approx. ca. 1.500 mm
Height: approx. 2.000 mm
Standard discharge height
of approx. 800 mm

approx. 2.250 kg