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SEPAmatic 410

With its straightforward design, stainless steel, high-quality thermoplastic and other materials approved for use widh foodstuffs, the SEPAmatic 410 can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Perforated drums with different perforations guarantee optimum results in line with the requirements to be met and can be changed in a matter of seconds.

The basic version of the SEPAmatic 410 is fed manually, but can be expanded to form a fully automatic system as the volume of meat to be processed increases.

The naturally varying quality of the meat makes an efficient desinewing SEPAmatic 410 with hand feed tray machine essential for both production reasons and economic reasons in order to ensure precise quality control of the industrial  sausage-making process.

Mechanical desinewing of the meat guarantees a consistent quality of raw material for sausage production, as well as compliance with the German and international food laws.

The processed meat obtained with the SEPAmatic has a granular consistency remiscent of coarse mince making it eminently suitable for the production of high-quality sausage products. Even the high standards imposed for raw sausage production are met in full.

Principle of operation

The unprocessed meat is conveyed to the perforated drum by a flexible and highly wear-resistant polyurethane crusher belt, the uniformly increasing pressure forcing the soft meat through the perforations into the drum while the larger and firmer parts (sinews, cartilage, etc.) are held back on the outside of the drum and removed by scrapers. The meat’s natural fibre structure is retained, since the meat is merely briefly strained but not grated, ground or heated in any way.

Technical data

max. 800 kg/h
Depending on the 
perforated drum and product

Power demand
3.0 KW

Depth: approx. 1.200 mm
Width: approx. 800 mm
Depth: approx. 1200 mm

approx. 300 kg